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Event Feedback

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Executive Women’s Breakfast Series: The Art and Science of Healthy Aging

March 7, 2014 at the Tower Club

The following is a summary of the comments provided by participants at this event.

  • An excellent session; allowed me to focus my energy on an area I need to address and improve on
  • This was a fabulous investment of my time!  I have been given tools to improve my overall health…Thank you!
  • Just amount of info for the time constraints and audience; practical models!
  • Lots of good information; validated changes I need to make
  • Open dialogue with lots of material – practical and encouraging
  • Powerful and interesting!
  • Helpful hints backed by research
  • Interactive with exchange of clear information
  • This workshop was informative, used current research, encourage critical thinking, and provided realistic, do-able strategies.  The time flew by.  Anyone wanting to learn about staying healthy lifelong will benefit from this session.
  • I really enjoyed the seminar.
  • The Women’s Executive Breakfast is an encouraging platform that advances the understanding of my physical, social, and spiritual being.  It is an opportunity to absorb new facts about my needs and choices necessary to be my best self at every age while in the company of extraordinary women.

February 25, 2014 Leading with Authenticity - The Marketing Directors’ Support Group - Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

The following is a summary of the comments provided by participants at this event.

  • It was amazing to learn how your health is impacted by being inauthentic. You hear that stress impacts you physically, but to see it was eye-opening.
  • Liked the discussion of self-awareness and integration.
  • This session is a must for leadership teams.
  • This leadership session takes you through a holistic tour of the human psyche.  It was a fantastic approach to the topic, and I learned a lot!
  • I really enjoyed how you kept it interactive and had us share stories.  I also valued having the health-related effects presented.
  • It was great!
  • Wonderful – no-risk facilitation of authentic discussion among participants truly enriched the workshop.  Thank you.
  • Really helped remind me of who I am and who I want to be.  Wonderful presentation!

Executive Women’s Breakfast Series: Leading with Authenticity

October 18, 2013 and November 15, 2013 at the Tower Club and November 18, 2013 at the Center Club

The following is a summary of the comments provided by participants at this event.

  • It is an on-time, no nonsense 2 hour session.
  • It was so good I almost want to come again.
  • Everyone was enthusiastic and engaged for the entire program.
  • Your method of presentation in addition to the content and PP design was good example of “walking the talk” - all of it was authentic leadership!
  • Really effective seminar. Worth every minute of my time. The content was presented and group discussions were such that I walked away with numerous, specific actionable next steps for myself and my business (have run my own business over 20 years). Would love to see this extended.
  • Attendees were so interesting, wished there was an easy way to have monthly, quarterly follow-up meetings.
  • Hope you continue to offer the program so that more people have an opportunity to experience this. Would also be really helpful for those just getting started in the “working world.”  
  • Charlene and Colette mirror authenticity and make a highly credible team that has built a snappy session based on research and science that engaged us in thought provoking ways.
  • Nothing wasted – fast moving, concentrated.
  • Convening with driven and competent women is so inspiring….I know it will make me a better leader.
  • I felt like everyone was really engaged and participating!  It was fun being a…..participant.
  • The energy level when people were leaving was high, and the elevator conversations were favorable!
  • I’m interested to see Session 2 in your series!
  • I appreciated the size of the group – not too big or small.  The depth and breadth of experience and comments were wonderful.
  • The Executive Women’s Breakfast Series on authenticity is a welcome morning pause for a reality check with peers.  A collaborative discussion producing challenges to beliefs and the status quo and providing new information and ideas to jump start needed change for personal, health, or career development.  Open, honest, engaging, and so worthwhile.

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