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Physician Burnout | Health Practitioner & Student Training

The Impact of Caring for Others

A Mayo Clinic study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine* and reported in the New York Times indicated close to 50% of the physicians surveyed reported ≥ 1 symptom of burnout. It also found burnout is more common among physicians than workers in the U.S. as a whole, and, not surprisingly, those in specialties on the “front lines,” such as primary care and emergency medicine were at the greatest risk.

Simply put, this end-stage stress is a combination of persistent emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue, and cognitive weariness. Some of the consequences of burnout may include depression, anger/bitterness, and an increased risk of heart attack, ischemic heart disease, stroke, sudden cardiac death, diabetes, male infertility, and both sleep and musculoskeletal disorders.

So if you are beginning to feel it’s all slipping away, coaching may be just what you need to:

  • create a self-care regimen to start on the road to recovery
  • help prevent a recurrent episode

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Insight MD uses a holistic coaching approach, informed by the insight of an internist and gastroenterologist, where the focus is on achieving optimal health outcomes and well-being. Using a multi-layered approach, Insight MD addresses the most pressing physical and mental challenges associated with physician burnout. We work with each client to:

  • Assess work-life balance and prioritize what is important to you
  • Identify your personal stress risks and triggers
  • Identify your stress behaviors and physical red flags
  • Explore relaxation techniques
  • Perform an assessment to identify ways to optimize the restorative benefits of sleep
  • Learn how nutrition can be leveraged to help combat the impact of stress
  • Rediscover your passion
  • Explore options if you decide it’s time to make a career change/transition

PeopleTweaker® can help. Contact us today for a free, 30-minute consultation. 

*Shanafelt TD. Boone S. Litjen T. et. al. Burnout and Satisfaction with Work-Life Balance Among US Physicians Relative to the General US Population. Arch Intern Med August 20, 2012 

Training in Health Coaching Techniques

Raising the Bar on Healthcare Delivery and Management

Hospitals | Health Systems | Healthcare Professionals

Research indicates that simply providing education and “to-do” lists are often not enough to achieve or sustain desired behavior change and care plan adherence. Patients often are aware of much if not all of what is expected. Physicians and other healthcare practitioners may find themselves puzzled and frustrated when the outcomes both patient and healthcare practitioner desire are not achieved or maintained in the long-run.

There are evidence-based techniques such as motivational interviewing which can be learned and implemented by both practitioners and their staff in day-to-day patient interactions that can have a significant impact on both the physician-patient relationship and the likelihood patients will be better positioned for success.

Learning how to gain this insight may make just the difference needed to help a smoker quit for good, an inflammatory bowel disease patient live alongside his disease, an individual with irritable bowel syndrome reduce the number of bouts experienced and manage more easily in the midst of one, the diabetic reach an elusive HbA1c < 7, and a heart attack survivor eat in a more healthy fashion and become more physically active.

Additionally, utilizing health coaching techniques may be just the edge you need to:

  • Achieve the key patient outcomes needed to realize the full benefits of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) care delivery model and successful participation in P4P programs, bundled payment methodologies, and ACOs
  • Reduce readmissions and
  • Enhance the patient experience and improve patient satisfaction.

PeopleTweaker® can help. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. 

Preparing for Practice: Health Coaching for Students

Medical Schools | Schools of Pharmacy

As patients become sicker and more complex, it becomes more and more evident just how many conditions are potentially preventable. We learn more about both neuroscience-human motivation-behavior change, and more studies corroborate the impact of the patient-practitioner relationship. Technology plays an ever-increasing role in care delivery, and it becomes more critical for the physicians and pharmacists of tomorrow to have a grounding in evidence-based health coaching techniques. 

Gaining this knowledge early, and having it incorporated into the curriculum as a skill essential to the treatment armamentarium, increases the likelihood it will:

  • Become second nature
  • Move students along faster and more effectively in the development of the sometimes elusive but crucial and healing “bedside manner”
  • Improve health outcomes and increase both patient and student satisfaction
  • Help mitigate the stress and forces of potential burnout that can arise during training

PeopleTweaker® can help you integrate training in health coaching techniques and position students to practice more effectively and confidently in an environment which is ever-evolving but in which investing in a portfolio of fundamentals will reap benefits far into the future.

Contact us for more information and learn how to get started. 


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